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Bat System

Bat System

SKU: B001
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This Bat System is made out Baltic Birch wood that won't warp over time when taken care of (see care instructions). The master bat is 11.5 inches, the bat pin holes are 10 inches on center, and the space saving inserts are 6 inches. The squares are beveled on the bottom for easy lifting. This bat system was thought of and designed by productions potters for easy use and the Baltic Birch wood is great for throwing everyday and is extremely durable. 

  • Maintenance/Care Instructions

    • Clean/Scrape when finished using.
    • Do not let the clay dry on the bat as it will start raising the grain
    • Scrape clay off the bat going with the grain NOT against
    • Extend the life of the system by applying a water sealant (not necessary for use)
  • Return/ Refund Policy

    *Any alterations made to the system will NOT be elidgable for refund

    *Returns accepted pending approval, and customer is responsible for paying return shipping

  • Recommendations for Use

    • Recommended to use with a bat grabber, shamy, or with water/slip on wheel head
    • Ideal for anything under 2lbs
  • Items Included and Measurments

    1- Master Bat (11.5 inches, bat pin holes are 10 inches on center)

    10 - Space Saving Inserts (6 inches)

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